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 lOur customers appreciate professional communication.

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October 1993 - October 2013

Thomas Carlsen

Thomas has been a translator since 1993.

At first, as a graduate sinologist having majored in Chinese and German, he worked exclusively within the software industry, specialising in graphics software, printing and telecommunications.

With this background, he was one of the first translators in Germany who succeeded in taking advantage of the speed of the “information superhighway” from the earliest days of the Internet, at a time when many people still wondered whether exchanging their typewriters for a PC was really such a good idea.

Thomas, on the other hand, saw his business grow exponentially, which enabled him continually to add new services to his portfolio.

Based in Hamburg and working with a worldwide team of more than 50 highly qualified freelancers, Thomas Carlsen Fachübersetzungen, now a fully fledged translation agency, looks back on a long list of satisfied international clients. With its numerous contacts and partners around the globe, the agency has, over the last two decades, become the epitome of accuracy, elegance and clarity in translation.
Thomas Carlsen Fachübersetzungen is an experienced partner for all your translation, document preparation and technical manual drafting needs!

Owner of Thomas Carlsen Fachübersetzungen

Our guiding principle

For 20 years now, we have supported our clients in all manner of translation issues with our already proverbial flexibility and transparent communication.  Our work reflects both our service orientation and the pleasure we derive from language.

 l We translate all Subjects from and into all languages.

We translate all subjects, in particular technology, advertising, business and tourism texts, from and into all languages. We use only qualified translators working into their mother tongue. In addition to the main European languages, our strengths also include the Scandinavian languages and Chinese.

Technical translation:

Translations of operating manuals, electrical engineering, consumer electronics, telecommunications, plant engineering, marine engineering, railway engineering, environment & new energies


IT translation:

Business software, SAP integration, internationalisation, websites of all kinds, CRM, EWM, logistics solutions, IT manuals, IT security, internet security, networks, printing-and graphics software


Translations for advertising:

Product brochures, flyers, websites, tourism, foreign language copywriting


Financial Translations & Business Translations:

Annual reports, contracts and agreements, SOPs, correspondence


Translations for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Research reports, SOPs, image and marketing materials, package inserts, patient interviews, trade show literature, Web content etc.


Translations for editors, media, culture:

Press releases, articles; features, portraits, artist biographies, exhibition catalogues, creative texts

And what’ more:

We support many file formats within various Office applications, PDF, InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, even good old PageMaker etc. for graphics formats as well a Java, XML, HTML  etc. within the Web formats.

Professional project management for large projects

Use of modern Translation Memory systems

Customer terminology bank creation and maintenance


Translation consulting

We independently plan the translation solution for your needs – and find the appropriate provider for you.

We can also provide project management services for large customer projects.



Please ask for a free estimate or quote, without obligation!

Worth knowing 
 lTranslations have to work. 


A translation project in 10 languages?

Pedal to the metal

You want to pay less?  We also offer volume discounts for large amounts of text. If you so wish, we can also take into account repetition and Translation Memory matches when developing your quote. Just ask.

We can bill according to both the customary traditional Central European standard line basis on the target text or on the international per word of source text standard.

No problem!  In 20 years we have translated many millions of words into all major world languages and also into some of the less common ones.


Multilingual translation projects are our daily business. Due to the nature of their operations, some of our customers require only such multilingual services.
Experience tells – especially after so many years. Try us out!

Good timing is everything! If you need big amounts of text translated, it is advisable to let us known in advance, and also to allow for adequate time for the translation in order to avoid scheduling problems at the end of the supply chain. And if it should simply be an urgent matter, rest assured – we have already, hundreds of times, proven that we can also work wonders.
Just ask us! We can help you plan your schedule with guidelines about the time required to produce a quality translation.

File formats

Translation is craftmanship!


We translate all common Office formats, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as layout files from InDesign (several versions), Illustrator or Acrobat.

To translate PDF files we ideally need the original template - e.g. in Word, PPT, InDesign or Illustrator format.

The human brain translates in real time, with a high level of accuracy and contextual understanding. And yet, in these times, when knowledge expands at an astronomical rate on a daily basis, technical aids are essential. Translators work with Translation Memory systems that record their translations in a database and then compare future versions of the same document with the existing records. These tools can help save time and accelerate the translation process while ensuring consistency.

We always keep a watchful eye on the latest technical developments and apply them whenever we deem them to be useful for our work.

We are subject to strict laws concerning the confidentiality of your data. And we comply with them. When translating certain types of documents, e.g. stock exchange relevant texts, additional specifications may become necessary, which we will of course comply with.

Our project server is encrypted using 2048-bit technology. Clients can be granted access to it upon request in order to transfer confidential data directly and use our internal communication system.

And this is what you can expect from us, of course in addition to top quality translations:

- Mother tongue translators with qualified professional degrees, diplomas or certificates, specialising in the

   pertinent subject matter

- As a standard, we apply dual control – i.e. the editorial principle according to which texts are proofread by

   a “second set of eyes” – and at least treble control for sensitive texts intended for publication

- Punctual delivery

- Professional project management

- Translation Memory systems to ensure consistency and reasonable prices

- Terminology management

- Proactive and reliable communication

We support the Mars One Project


In 2012 we became aware of the Mars One project. At that time, Mars One needed specific translation assistance in order to be able to get the project off the ground. We enthusiastically translated content for Mars One into several languages, as we are firmly convinced that this project has trailblazing potential. It is our hope that it will be as useful to humankind as the first lunar landing in 1969.


You will find a listing of the translators who participated in this project here.


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